Henley 250

From $1,999.00


Clean Air, Rural


600 W x 625 H x 425 D

heating area

90-160 m2

max heat output


firebox volume

28.9 L


0.84 g/kg



water booster

Optional for Rural



technical info

Flue and accessories sold separately.

Maxen Henley 250 with Leg Base Wood Fireplace

Good, trusty warmth.

Small but mighty, the Maxen Henley is ideal for heating your average 2-bedroom home.

This trusty compact fire is built tough – made from robust 6mm steel to withstand whatever life throws at it.

The fire’s Soft-lock Handle looks good and feels good too – it glides into place every time, and will look good in any home.


Built Tough

A 6mm steel firebox for everyday use.

Soft-lock Handle

Smooth operation door handle that glides into place, every time.

6mm Cooktop

Steel cooktop plate for heating your pot or kettle.

Water Booster

This optional extra uses the warmth from the fire to heat your hot water cylinder.

Therma-flue Kit

Increase the efficiency of your fireplace with Maxen’s optional Therma-flue kit.

15 Year Warranty

For complete confidence and peace of mind, your fireplace comes with a 15 year firebox warranty.

Maxen Henley 250 Wood Fireplace in white room, corner close up

Built Tough

We’re a Kiwi company, and we know how Kiwis use fires. That’s why this fireplace is made from 6mm steel, engineered to withstand real everyday use – time and time again.

Maxen Henley 250 with Leg Base Wood Fireplace in white room, close up

Soft-lock Handle

The Henley’s Soft-lock Handle glides smoothly into place every time, while its simple design will look good in any home.

See it for yourself.

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