Frequently asked questions

How to install a wood fireplace

Who can install a wood fireplace?

Maxen recommends using a NZHHA Certified Installer for the installation of your wood fireplace.

Yes, a building consent is required from your local council to install any new wood fireplace or to replace an existing wood fireplace with a new model. Your installer or retailer will be able to help advise you about this process.

Can I retrofit a wood fireplace into an existing cavity?

Yes, you can retrofit an insert wood fireplace into an existing inbuilt or open fireplace cavity provided the opening is big enough to fit the new fire. The chimney must also be of sound structure and clear of any existing flue components. It’s best to get a specialist to visit your home to measure the space and discuss your options.

Do I need a hearth for a wood fireplace?

Yes. A hearth is made of a non-combustible material that protects your home from the heat and ash of a fireplace for your safety. They also act as a practical platform for fireplace accessories and firewood.

How to choose a wood fireplace

How much heat do I need?

Ensuring you choose a wood fireplace that will sufficiently heat your home is an important decision. 

As a general guide, 1kw of heat output will heat approximately 10m2 in a fully insulated home with double-glazed windows and a standard ceiling height of 2.4m. For example, a fireplace with 15kw heat output would likely suit a 150m2 three-bedroom home.

What is the difference between Radiant Heat and Convection Heat?

Radiant heat directly warms objects and people near a fireplace, providing instant warmth – suited to homes that are open plan with high ceilings and poor insulation.

Convection heat warms the air by circulating it, creating a more even and gradual heat distribution throughout the room – suited to homes with standard ceiling heights, good insulation, and double glazing.

Which type of flue do I need for a wood fireplace?

Every indoor wood fireplace requires a flue. The type of flue will depend on several factors including the type of fireplace, the location of the fireplace within the home, and the efficiency desired. Maxen provides two options; the Traditional Flue Kit and the Therma-Flue Kit. Speak to your local Maxen specialist who can advise which flue kit is right for you.

How to use a wood fireplace

Can I cook on my freestanding wood fireplace?

Yes. Maxen Cooktops are made from 6-8mm steel that puts more radiant heat into your room, and more conductive heat into your pot or kettle. With more cooking space than most other cooktops, Maxen fireplaces are a reliable source of heating during a power outage.

What is a water booster?

Often referred to as a ‘wetback’, a water booster is an additional option that enables the fireplace to heat water for your home. The system works by circulating cool water around your firebox while the fire is burning. Water boosters are suitable for low-pressure hot water cylinders and are only available on some Maxen models.

Which type of firewood should I use?

We recommend burning dry softwood such as pine or macrocarpa for your Maxen indoor wood fireplace.

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